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And I Took the Road Less Travelled By

When reading “The Road Not Taken” by Robert Frost, the common perception is that the final two lines are the crux of the poem: I took the road less traveled by/And that has made all the difference.  Of course, the common perception is probably correct in that regard, but when I found myself accidentally reading the poem a scant few minutes ago, it was another line that grabbed my attention: And sorry I could not travel both/And be one traveler. For some reason, it seems to me that there’s a concept here that bears exploration.

The question that forces messily into my mind is: Do I have to be one traveler?  Can I only choose one identity, and remain stuck with it forever?  Well, obviously not, people change their identities all the time.  I’ve done it at least three times in the last five years.  No, the question has to be deeper than that.  Can I only have one identity at once?  If I can’t travel two paths as one person, why can’t I be two people?  The path is metaphorical, after all.  I don’t need an axe to be more than one body metaphorically, any more than married couples need crazy glue and stitches to be spiritually one.

Obviously, this line of thinking is riddled with flaws.  Well, one in particular.  There are decisions to be made in life for which there is no going both ways, and no turning back.  But that’s not universal.  What if the metaphoris applied in another direction?  If I tried to keep my mind on just one path, I would probably bleed something out of my ears.  Something extremely unpleasant and probably important, like my imagination.  I’m constantly going in many different directions at once.  It’s how I think, and how I come up with ideas.  My mind is pulling thoughts and notions and similar varieties of bullshit from all over the place.  Most of it doesn’t make any sense, but that hasn’t stopped me from posting this, has it?

Logic doesn’t really work here.  This is a flight of fancy.  But it’s free, in its own way.  Certainly, taking the road less traveled is the worthier option, if you have to choose, but isn’t it great to do both?

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